Thursday, October 05, 2006

Viva Foley!! Viva Foley!!

Have you had enough Foley? I haven't.

  • I'm excited today, because I am only two degrees of separation from Mark Foley (R-FL). My friend ZG's friend, a former congressional aide, reports meeting Foley at a party & subsequently receiving suggestive emails from him. This aide was 24 at the time, with a lean, muscular frame and a cute, puckered asshole. The Democratic Party owes much to this brave aide, who-- in resisting Foley's charms-- denied Foley the opportunity to transfer his erotic energies away from minors and toward a healthy, consensual gay relationship.
  • This is pretty funny (via Lindsayism).
  • The longer Hastert fights this one out, the better, I think. Good to have Republicans backstabbing & fractured as long as possible before the election.
  • There are some truly desperate suggestions & accusations being floated by Republicans right now-- it reminds me of a dying soldier firing his M-16 wildly in the air. My favorites: 1) This is the Democrats' fault for coddling gays. 2) This is the pages' fault. We need to abolish the page program. 3) George Soros is to blame.
  • Actually, CH points out that while these suggestions may be ludicrous, it might be time to re-examine the nude, greased page program.