Friday, October 20, 2006

Mission statement

There is no excuse. Sure, I'm busy, saving lives millions at a time. Which really means saving disability-adjusted life-years, millions at a time, within a 95% confidence interval that includes near its lower bound "creating torture camps for disadvantaged children, millions at a time."

So the blog languishes. [Will "blog" go the way of "virtual reality" and "'zine" and "cyberspace" and "wraps" and "def" and "not so much"? If so, I will rechristen this an "avatar niche" or a "web-site" or a "narcissist habitat."] Where are my fucking priorities?

Here. That's where they are. It's go-time. Kick tires, light fires. Lock & load. I exist for the sole purpose of providing momentary diversion from unfulfilling lives. Time to embrace it.