Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday: As promised, a delightfully amusing juxtaposition of "high" culture and "low" culture

This was always the surefire formula for laffs in McSweeney's. Start with a shank of Wittgenstein, season with Cool Ranch Doritos or forgotten sitcom stars of the 1980s, and you've got yourself a McSweeney's List. You are now a published author.

A List Of Rejected McSweeney's Lists:
Characters In Gaddis Novels Whose Names Sound Like Major League Soccer Teams
Eight Sandwiches Leni Riefenstahl Enjoyed Eating
Heads Of State Whom I Could Beat In A Fistfight
Discarded Names For Godel's Incompleteness Theorem
Alfred North Whitehead's Favorite Sexual Positions
Track & Field Events In Which Nan Goldin Could Defeat Lou Reed
Brecht Plays Reconceptualized As Archetypes From The 1986 Celtics