Wednesday, October 04, 2006


  • So it seems Hastert is toast.
  • It should bother me that the Foley flap gets much of its fuel from good ol' fashioned gay panic, but it just doesn't. It makes me even happier. Some of my reasons are outlined here.
  • What kind of country is it when a right-wing Christian congressman can't stroke his chubby whilst IMing with pageboys, cabin boys, houseboys, pool boys, tallboys, highboys, batboys, bellboys, busboys, choirboys, ploughboys, schoolboys, flyboys, homeboys, & Perth Amboys without people gettin' all up in his grill about it?
  • I'm sorry I set your nephew on fire & then invaded a geopolitically volatile country with no postwar plan in place. I'm checking into rehab. Are we cool?