Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Corn Chips And Pie: don't pull the plug on me like you did to Schiavo, you heartless motherfuckers

This is the way things are going: I just posted a link, considered it for a while, then deleted it.

It may have been funny. It may have provided a distraction from your genital herpes outbreak for, like, 3 minutes. Sure, it wouldn't have saved no baby sea otters or nuthin', but it may have turned your frown upside down. Inverted your frown, so to speak.

But when you don't post for a month, you get a little gun-shy. You want to return triumphantly. This link was not triumphant. It was moderately amusing. But, you know, maybe I should scale back my aims. Stay within myself. Hit the ball where it's pitched.

Whatever. I'm not dead yet, I swear.