Thursday, September 01, 2005

Wolfgang Puck's "Nuggetz!"

  • If you're looking for an acceptable way to turn sympathy and grief for the people of New Orleans into righteous anger at the Bush administration, check out talkingpointsmemo on the bungling of hurricane preparation and disaster relief.
  • On an entirely different (and much more familiar) order of magnitude, I really liked the quote from SF Giants general manager Brian Sabean about Barry Bonds' rehab progress. From the story: "Sabean added that the medical people are in control of Bonds' future. 'It's in their hands, and we have full faith in how they've handled it and how it's going under their guise,' Sabean said." I'm pretty sure that was a malapropism, but it's nicely appropriate. Everyone knows medical personnel have nothing to do with Bonds' recovery. His knee is a pawn in a vast, shadowy conspiracy manipulated by Bonds. This thing is gonna go all the way to the top. Yes: Bobby Bonilla is involved.
  • From today's NYT article on economic illiteracy comes a question designed to gauge one's understanding of opportunity costs: "You won a free ticket to see an Eric Clapton concert (which has no resale value). Bob Dylan is performing on the same night and is your next-best alternative activity. Tickets to see Dylan cost $40. On any given day, you would be willing to pay up to $50 to see Dylan. Assume there are no other costs of seeing either performer. Based on this information, what is the opportunity cost of seeing Eric Clapton? (a) $0, (b) $10, (c) $40, or (d) $50." You may insert your own joke here. This one's an easy 10-footer, but I'm feeling cowardly about my shooting touch right now.