Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Content Solutions Facilitator

Fake headlines: easy target, I know. Since I'm thin on material today & feeling frisky, let's recycle an old chestnut from an IM conversation while we continue the tired conceit of CornchipsandpieSelect. Here's what you're missing!

Jim J. Bullock a Playwright? Yes, and Savvier Than You Might Think

Personal Shopper: Bling, Black, and Beyond [ok, this one's real]

The Hunt: A Couple Seeks The Perfect Home, Then Is Devoured By Tigers
Hard Truths: You Will Never Have Enough Money to Give a Shit About Real Estate

White, Chewy, and Meaty: Could It Be Pork? You Bet
Fortified Wine: A New Look at an Old Favorite

Topeka Journal: There Is Fat Between the Coasts
High vs. Low: Napa Valley Armed Only With a Shillelagh and a Fierce Sense of Class Injustice

Most E-Mailed
Op-Ed Columnist: George Bush Is A Bad Man
Whimsical Scientific Study Illuminates Aspect of Human Sexuality
It's Hard to Find a Good Nanny