Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The only news that's fit to print

They laughed at me all those years when I maintained my giant squid news alert. Payback time, bitches. They got one on film.

As the late, lamented Fishing With John put it, the giant squid has eyes the size of beach balls. Beach balls!

You may be interested in some details. Here's the good stuff, without all the yappy yappy, and without the obligatory ad featuring Viggo Mortensen's giant head.

  1. They found the thing by tracking a pack of sperm whales.
  2. It is a "much more active predator than previously suspected" (italics mine).
  3. "The tentacles could apparently coil into a ball, much as a python envelops its victims."
  4. It lives in the "inky depths."

Ooh, more lurid details here in the Washington Post. After recovering a severed tentacle, the helpless scientists stared in mute horror as the tentacle was still functioning, "the large suckers of the tentacle club repeatedly gripping the boat deck and any offered fingers."

This eases the pain of yet another baseball-related heartbreak unfolding before my eyes. That and the booze.