Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ay, mi estomago

Last night was rough on the ol' nerves. Los Gigantes come back with two out in the ninth to stay alive, inexplicably and undeservedly, in the NL West. The Oakland Athletics of Oakland lose another gut-wrencher to effectively end their season (and to spoil the evening of my friend DS, who phoned me as he was smuggling into the Coliseum seventeen cans of Sapporo secreted in various folds and crannies. Sapporo is perfect for such a venture, he claims-- it's not the taste, it's the size and shape of the cans). If my primary team allegiance wasn't fixed permanently by birth, I would have switched over to the A's years ago. Although I do find Bobby Kielty a bit frightening.

Incidentally, I just saw a recent photo of James Woods, and I think he's inexorably becoming Bud Selig.