Friday, September 30, 2005

You can never please anybody in this world

When I found some of The Shaggs' music online, I went through a brief period of fascination with their story. The enjoyment derived from learning about the provenance of a given work of art (I use that term loosely) plateaus pretty quickly; it often reaches a point where it goes negative. If you push through that area of the curve, though, you've got yourself a nice little obsession. Thankfully, I never got there.

But enough time has elapsed since my Shaggs phase; I might be interested in checking this out. And if you're a Shaggs virgin & interested in learning about this freaky little story, click here or use your Google skillz. Here, I'll save you some time. I would post an mp3 if I knew how; anyway, that's why God created Limewire.

Spoiler alert: Her companion is, of course, her radio.