Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Try for free, then you buy, yes?

So the NYT has finally done it. Since everyone else has, we're presently going to launch CornchipsandpieSelect. For $9.95 per week, you'll have access to insider content. Watch for it!

What is CornchipsandpieSelect?

  • Funnier jokes
  • Close-up photographs of Rob Neyer's and Paul Krugman's genitalia
  • Gossipy details about my spectacularly debauched life, delivered in a chummy manner, as if you and I were close friends
  • Archival material, including a junior high school essay on Of Mice And Men
  • Personalized email alerts (e.g., notifies you every time I outdo myself)
  • David Brooks' Personal Hygiene Diary
  • Lifestyle features profiling your mother and her delightful ways
  • More posts about handbags, garden care, and real estate