Monday, April 24, 2006


Dude. Blogger's screwin' with me, man. Sorry about the repeated post. I didn't like those words that much. Anyway, some nuggets pour voo:

  • You may have seen this: after years of rigorous analysis and careful study, a "controversial" Roman Catholic Cardinal (by no means a spokesman for the Church) has concluded that condom use is a "lesser evil" than a slow, painful death from AIDS... "under certain circumstances." I would venture to guess that these circumstances may involve sexual intercourse, but I suspect the Vatican will not agree. Using a condom to strangle unwed mothers is probably what they have in mind.
  • I said I was gonna praise the rocksteady compilation "Red Bumb Ball" here. And so I do: Praise be! All the songs have two chords, all the songs sound exactly alike, and each song has more soul than you can shake a stick at, even if you're shaking the stick really really quickly.
  • A friend of a friend directed a little behind-the-scenes vid for Gogol Bordello, which whet my appetite... and I'm real sorry I missed the concert described here. There'll be more.
  • Now, you may have seen the Catholic stuff, but I'm sure you've seen this. No reason at all to link to The Onion. Nonetheless, when my brother told me the headline over the phone, I spit half-chewed pheasant all over the front of Mischa Barton's blouse. "Beaver Overthinking Dam." Choice quotes: "On the other hand, a dam is a celebration of beaver culture, and that is what it should reflect." "I don't want this to be one of those generic McDams."