Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Behind The Veil

There should be a ban, punishable by flogging, on the following headlines:

  • Any story on an Islam-related issue: "Behind the Veil"
  • Any story on a Russia-related issue: "From Russia With [...]"
  • "Synagogues For Hipsters"

Anyhowz. When this blog was born (C-section; fat shoulders), the idea was to steer entirely clear of anything personal. This is a worthy and logical goal: nobody wants to hear about my struggle with macrocephaly. It's been a surprisingly difficult rule to follow strictly, at least for me, because I am massively self-absorbed, and I have no imagination. But I try. For that alone you should thank me.

Here's yet another brief, tantalizing glimpse-- just enough to quicken the blood. I just decided, irrevocably, to leave NYC and move to Baltimore in the fall. This decision, like all decisions, took me forever & tore my soul into little bitty shreds. I need a shot of something strong to dull the piercing stab of opportunity costs.