Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think you're in the clear, ace

Perhaps the only good reason to start a blog is to marvel at the Dadaist stream of Google search terms that lead people to one's site. This is sort of an amateur blogger's pastime, I suspect, but it's difficult for me to imagine the novelty wearing off.

With metronomic regularity, a certain someone has been checking this humble web-log for a certain combination of words. This certain someone is, I have reason to believe, a certain someone to whom I have linked. This certain combination of words is "[redacted] fucking photos."

The narrative I have concocted to explain this phenomenon is the following: this certain someone did something very naughty. This certain someone is concerned that said naughtiness was captured on camera. This certain someone is further terrified that said photographed naughtiness will find its way onto the internet. To which I have four responses:

1) If this narrative isn't true, I don't care; I prefer it to any alternative explanation. 2) If they haven't popped up by now, I think they may never. 3) But not to fear: if they do emerge, Corn Chips & Pie will try to get the scoop. You may trust CC&P to handle the matter with discretion and a favorable editorial slant. 4) I never, ever want to see these photos.