Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey, what's up?

Corn Chips and Pie will return soon, like Christ into Brussels. And you'll just make a spectacle of yourselves. Try to exercise some restraint.

In the meantime, I'll just lift up my head to note a couple of small things: First, springtime in New York is just fucking fantastic, and would be perfect if the pollen count didn't require me to cram plaster and clay up my nostrils to prevent me from leaving my own personal, uh, snail trail around the city. Let's just forget that last metaphor.

The other thing is that the Giants must be the worst 8-4 team in history. And the ridiculous thing is that they may win the NL West. Their advanced age gets a lot of attention, but probably not enough. I mean, Steve Finley, Omar Vizquel, Jeff Fassero, Moises Alou, Bonds, Durham, etc... holy crap.

Brian Sabean is missing two key pieces of the puzzle: Julio Franco and Rickey Henderson. And both are with the Mets, in slightly different capacities. Franco's 1 for 4 right now with a walk, and Rickey is imparting bits of koan-like advice to Mets hitters. Hey, Sabes: this is CC&P, calling on behalf of Rickey. Pay Rickey. The dude must be going crazy not being able to play. He led the glorious San Diego Surf Dawgs to the Discount League championship last year, and now he's telling Endy Chavez to open with his hips? The worst part is that Julio Franco probably rubs his playing time in Rickey's face. Like one geezer taunting another at Bingo Night. Hey Sabean! Wake up! Offer Rickey league minimum! Suit him up & set him loose!

It doesn't look so good for Peltier & Mumia; I think Volvo drivers should slap "Free Rickey" bumper stickers on their cars.