Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pick 'em

Busy today, so I'll just point you to a variety of goings-on elsewhere.

  • Josh Marshall is more pointed than usual in his justifiable takedown of Iraq's Coalition Provisional Authority hack Dan Senor: "Working with experts on post-war reconstuction was no more than pissing away time and expense on a tribe of effete paper-pushers. He's unperturbed and oblivious to the fact that the product of his cocky assuredness has descended into blood and fire." More here.
  • The world's oldest tortoise has died, at age 250. They're carbon-dating his shell.
  • Once, as a child, I walked outside following a last-second loss by the 49ers. Normally reliable, spectacularly mustachioed placekicker Ray Wersching had been wide right. Mr. Ray across the street was washing his car and said to me, under the correct assumption that I'd seen the game, "Never trust a kicker, son." Only now do I realize how right he was.