Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Long Live Our Friend The Machine-Gun!

You 'fraid of my bullet points? I gots a ferkin machine-gun! Bang bang bang.

  • Pi was a movie about math and conspiracy by someone whose relationship with both concepts was idealized, superficial, laughable. I hated it. Why did I watch Requiem For A Dream? It was Reefer Madness for the emo set. I hated it even more than I hated Pi. Which is a lot.
  • Baltimore has a motto. It is "BELIEVE." I find this creepy.
  • Japan got jobbed by the fucking umps. Damn. I really didn't think I'd get into the World Baseball Classic. But I did. This is great. Gambate!
  • I don't know why, but: I own five Faulkner novels. I have finished none. I have read half of several. I like every one I've begun. I have no explanation for this. I'm sorry.
  • "Monkey" was a hipster word five years ago. Now it's a fratboy word. Alack!
  • There are people today who draw maps, using techniques and visual styles that hew closely to the methods employed by legitimate draftspersons of the vocation, of realms spun entirely from imaginary cloth.
  • Niners just traded Brandon Lloyd. They now plan to run a flying wedge offense.
  • There's kind of an interesting evil twin thing going on in the Bush Admin right now. Knock yerself out.