Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I think in bullet points because I have a developmental disorder

  • I was reading the Dust Congress, which is pretty much my only source of fancypants culture these days (to my discredit, I have no patience for poetry unless it's polished, buffed, placed on a blog, and festooned with contemporary art), and I got all excited because there was a line from Opal's Early Recordings quoted. Ah but no: I remembered that "Hear The Wind Blow" had been covered on Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips' L'Avventura. Anyway, both are worth a listen.
  • I cannot stop listening to Union's "Strike" from the Product Placement cuts.
  • Canada beat the US in the World Baseball Classic, crushing the national pride of 3 staffers for, and prompting high-fives & beef jerky among two plumbers in Manitoba. I truly wished I had a television set for the Cuba-Panama game today, though.
  • Those of you with firsthand knowledge of Baltimore are urged to contact our ombudsman, as Corn Chips & Pie world headquarters might relocate to the home of Lady Day and Kyle Boller. I fear and resent this. I don't like crab all that much, nor do I like crabs all that much, both of which are apparently abundant there.