Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's all in the reflexes

  • The #1 complaint by first-time visitors to San Francisco is that Chinatown bears little resemblance to the one pictured in Big Trouble In Little China. Meanwhile, residents of Chinatown bitch about the striking dissimilarities between tourists and Kurt Russell. I think both sides need to compromise a bit.
  • Up The Bracket: I bid my crisp Hamilton goodbye when I realized, too late, that Elvis Stojko wasn't in the tournament at all. I had him in the Final Four, losing to Gorman Thomas in a nailbiter.
  • I recommend the fancy new planetarium show at the NY Museum of Natural History. It's pretty neat, and plus the security guards are ruthless in their ejection of whiny babies.
  • With impending departure from NYC later this year, CC&P is gonna take full advantage of this big city. Rock & roll show tonite, Jewish shrink tomorrow morning, maybe a slap in the face in the afternoon.
  • I used to buy all my food from Trader Joe's when I lived in SF & DC. I greeted news of a NY store with a girlish squeal. Then the Special Lady & I walked by the new store today, and saw a line down the goddamn block... all simply waiting to enter the store & shop. I'll wait a week or so to get my 58 pounds of dried goods, frozen peas, and $2 wine.
  • Collected Insults, V. III, from The Wild Palms: "...a red-faced cold-eyed man of about fifty, with a highwayman's head and the body of a two-hundred-and-twenty-pound college fullback gone to fat, in a suit of expensive tweed which nevertheless looked on him as if he had taken it from a fire sale at the point of a pistol..." This reminds me of pretty much everybody I saw on the streets at 10am in Boston on St. Patrick's Day, swaying from the 11 pints of Harp they'd downed already, with wallets $25 lighter from the cover charge at The Burren or wherever.