Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Neither funny nor sports-related

This is interesting (full seven-part series here), if overblown in its prose, and stakes out an arena for some fundamental contests: where is the line between patronization and negligence? What's the right price for a preventable death? Is there a difference between a libertarian attitude toward suicide and encouraging suicide, and if so, where does this difference become apparent? Is there a tradeoff between aesthetics and mortality? These answers are obvious to most people. But it's noteworthy that these obvious answers are usually in such stark disagreement with one another, even among reasonable, smarty-pants-type people.

By the way, Weldon Kees, who is mentioned in this article because he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in 1955, was an excellent poet whose depression-inspired work is among the most haunting I've ever read. Look him up if you feel like you're too happy for your own good. You know who you are.