Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Road to 4-12, Week 11

This feature is turning over a new leaf: no misty-eyed lamentations of receding glory days, no cheap jokes at the expense of a struggling team, no bashing of Mike Nolan. [Note: a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that two identical Google searches led readers here around the exact same time. The search phrase: "mike nolan is a fucking idiot". This was a few minutes after Nolan, after running Kevan Barlow up the gut for 1 yard every chance he got, decided to attempt a 52-yard field goal in the swirling winds of Soldier Field with time expiring before the half. This bold move resulted in the NFL's longest play in history: a 108-yard returned missed field goal for a touchdown. And it prompted two poor souls to scream into their search engines. Remind me to pursue a trend piece for the NYT Style section on Google as outlet for frustration.]

And thus I have nothing to write about.

Ha! A joke, merely. Actually, I've renooberated my expectations sufficiently to take pleasure in games like last Sunday's. The rookie left guard played well, Ken Dorsey threw well, Brandon Lloyd continued to make unbelievable catches, and the Niners found the endzone for the first time since Michael Scanlon ate for free at Signatures. And the San Francisco 49ers lost again, meaning that we are directly on course for a 4-12 season. Next week: "Broadway Corn Chips" guarantees a victory over the Titans despite the injury to Bryant Young.