Monday, October 31, 2005

Corn Chips and Pie: squint and you'll see Andy Rooney

Please note: the overuse of the auxiliary verb "do" among people in the service industry. Please also note: it is often overstressed when used. Seems to be favored by people who, in the course of their work, must give a rote speech to groups of customers (flight attendants, tour guides, bauxite mine safety instructors).

"In case you do require assistance, Sheila will be happy to remove your catheter."

"We do ask that you refrain from throwing uncooked pork into the centrifuge."

"The captain does ask that you not mock his lisp; it's congenital and in no way a reflection upon his masculinity."

Also common: weird stress on the verb "be," as in the following example:

"Chester, our naughty little rhesus monkey, is one of several feces-throwing monkeys in Dr. Blofeld's sanctuary."