Monday, November 14, 2005

Let's self-medicate.... with Corn Chips & Pie!

...eschewing the Brooklyn Lager for once. Make the pain go away by distracting yourself with the following medications found elsewhere (from the links to the left & other places in the Wide World of Web).

Pat, by Dervala Hanley.
Via Slack LaLane: so much funny it hurts.
Via TMFTML again: "Catch A Collapsing Star," by The Mendoza Line.
Found: on Donner, on Blitzen.
The thoughts of Maud Newton on blogrolling & insularity (an additional, personal defense of cross-linking: without the casual kindness of a few other blogs, literally nobody would read this).
A nice painting that makes me feel nice.
Not Don DeLillo. Yard Work.
Stereogum: Sonny Rollins inspired Blazing Saddles?
Temporary painkiller from TPM.