Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Duuude. Biiiiiiodiesel.

Brother in SF, chef, wants to purchase car that runs on vegetable oil from his restaurant's kitchen. Brother scoping out one car in particular, in Boston. Brother will fly out in December, pick up car, pick me up on the way back, and thus will commence Cannonball Run III. We will cruise westward over hill & vale, learning a lot about America and Christian Rock radio in the process. I will play Dom DeLuise to his Burt Reynolds. There will be crazy outtakes. There will be fat Southern patrolmen. There will be lots of stunt jumps. We will beg for free fuel at countless Burger Kings. We may deep-fry all kinds of shit in our engine just for the hell of it. Imagine home-made Funyuns. Double deep-fried fried chicken. Deep-fried beef jerky. If this is what the life of a hippie is like, maybe I should sign up.