Wednesday, November 16, 2005

No fundament ungingered

A coupla notes before a minor road trip tears me away from the computamer:

Sticking with a lie to the bitter end, despite overwhelming and possibly humiliating evidence to the contrary, often gives the best results for the liar. I'm not so sure, as Josh Marshall says regarding the Iraq "debate," that "it's an indictment of the state of our public discourse that it's even much of a debate at this late moment." Could be that no administration has stuck with the tactic so successfully before. Then again, it does seem as if torture and denial of habeas are now up for "debate" in this country. Check, please.

A phrase from an old Dervala post amusingly savaging "Freakonomics" is stuck in my head, and would be the CC&P slogan, if it weren't plagiarism: "no fundament ungingered." It's finally dislodged "con la Mega no se juega."