Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Corn Chips & Pie

I am not unaware that this blog has neglected its primary mission: to educate the benighted masses about the wonders of corn chips and pie. Moreover, a fair bit of traffic every day ends up disappointed because I offer no information about pie and chips (freedom fries & savory meat pies). I am given to understand that there is such a thing as corn chip pie, but purists prefer the two complementary elements to be served separately.

First, posh CC&P: Imagine a Cezanne still life. A wooden table with peeled, light blue paint. Atop it sits an artisan's clay bowl filled with delicious, nourishing, life-affirming, organic corn chips. The eye rests upon the corn chips, pleased, but drawn ineluctably to the right... what's that? Could it be? It's pie! The peasant's wife has gathered loganberries from the banks of the creek, and has baked a steaming pie.

Next, CC&P as God himself enjoys it: Tostitos and Home Run Pie. ("This 'value' pie attracts the 21-44 year old shopper with children," says the website, but it is too modest... this 'value' pie, despite containing no ingredients that are not chemically synthesized in the laboratory, attracts gourmands and hobos alike.)

And, ok, fine, corn chip pie. Kim Overstreet of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma submitted this fine vegetarian recipe.