Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend nuggets

  • Former Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton turned down a reported $4 million per year offer to be the Oakland Raiders' head coach yesterday, saying the "interface with ownership was not optimal."
  • A couple of days after brutally trouncing Winston (the doorman in my apartment building) in a savage armwrestling match, I received a CD that shows an even softer side of the man: a dancehall reggae single, with the cover featuring Winston himself in a soulfully romantic pose. It's not bad.
  • Clown of the Year 2005 is making a strong bid to upstage this year's model in the news this week. Michael Brown has turned on his evil benefactors in a beautifully craven display of ass-saving. But Clown of the Year 2006 will not be outdone: after being fired the other day (nominally for lying about the fact that he'd graduated from Texas A&M), George Deutsch has kept running his spittly, overprivileged, developmentally disabled, right-wing religious nut mouth. I cannot believe this dude was appointed to NASA. NASA, for chrissakes.