Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm a driver; I'm a winner

It's been pointed out to me that my last several posts have involved shit, piss, cock, humping, and fiery infanticide. I apologize. Let's keep it clean, kids. Gotta stay out of the gutter if I want Corn Chips & Pie to be a major voice on the national scene, a tastemaker, a kingmaker, a theme park, a Saturday morning cartoon, a line of plush toys, a Stella McCartney blouse.

I was just listening to some of Guero and my thoughts drifted to 1994, driving around in my 1980 Honda Civic, hearing "Loser" on the radio for the first time. Beck? His voice actually sounded like it could be Rod Beck's. My mental image of the guy featured mutton chops, a 'stache, and a wicked split-fingered fastball until I saw a photo of the waifish blond Scientologist.

Lou Reed once referred to "Walk on the Wild Side" as the song that allowed him to buy six houses. Beck probably got at least a swimming pool out of "Loser." One too-tidy narrative has it that Kurt Cobain's suicide + "Loser" = the end of flannel mopery and the ascendance of puckish insincerity on the national scene. Ushering in the Golden Age of American Irony. I like that narrative, even though I know it's not really true.

Things are gonna change. I can feel it.

P.S. Why Beck, and not Sexy Death Soda? Ponder that one.