Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Split nuggets

Split, Croatia, that is.

  • World Cup = time for regional stereotyping! Yaay! Italy plays with unbridled passion, Germany's players have a surprising amount of flair for such stiff automatons, etc. An Int'l Herald Tribune writer characterized South Korea's play as "swarming, with more emphasis on the collective than on the individual." They also inscrutably eat dogs.
  • This kezboard reverses its ys and zs.
  • A concerned reader writes in: "'Funculo' is funnier, though, as it implies a happy ass. The correct term is 'Va' a fare in culo', which can also be shortened to"vaffanculo"... literally meaning 'go do it in the ass' but more colloquially understood as 'fuck you.'"
  • Everybody, literally everybody, was in Italy last week. Dana (#1 Hit Song) was hanging out in the mall in Chieti. AS & JD were having a Fantasy Party in Le Marche. And AD was sucking down wine with her mom. Italy is the new Red Hook.
  • I will keep an eye out, gentle reader, for the hidden truffles of travel: strange meats, funny hats, ethnic hatreds. But more than anything, I will keep an eye out for the Vlachs, survivors of history, who have graduated from the University of Life.