Wednesday, June 14, 2006

CC&P, Italian Style

Which is to say, swarthy and deviant.

For the next month, Corn Chips and Pie will be your budget guide to Italy. We'll tell you how pink the backpacks are, which artisanal craftspeople are the crinkliest, how to make origami risotto, and where to find furry clubs in the Alps. Don't worry, I won't describe every meal I had. Which reminds me of this incredible boar ragu I had last night.

Upon arrival, the first Roman with which we had contact tried the old "you only gave me suchandsuch" routine, trying to swindle 40 Euros. Instead of punching him in the face as if he were John Cusack, I declined to give him the extra 40 Euros and passive-aggressively withheld tip. An inauspicious start.