Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Thank you, mlb.tv

Another quick baseball post. To those weary of sports: I'll get back to posting about chamomile, George Eliot, and Bright Eyes tomorrow.

Hell of an A's-Angels game today. John Lackey, the oafish mouth-breathing Angels pitcher, mouthed off to Jason Kendall after an inside pitch. Kendall, whose career HBP:HR ratio is around 3, took offense and charged the mound, with a nice quick takedown of the big retarded kid. Lucky Kendall didn't hit him... Lackey would have rolled weakly to third for a 5-4-3 DP. (Ha!) Then, the Athletics scored 6 in the 9th to seal the victory, with a nice 2-out, 0-2 revenge drilling of Quinlan. Mike Scioscia was thrown out after whining.

I hate Mike Scioscia. He's the kind of overweening prick who will order a salad at Ruby Tuesday and make the waitress cry because the kitchen ran out of artichoke hearts.