Friday, May 12, 2006

Rainy night nuggets

  • Tuesday nights, 10:30, at Mo Pitkins on Avenue A: jazz. Jam session with many estimable musicians and jovial fellows including Greg Glassman (trumpet) & Tashi Kaiser (drums). Bring all your drunkard friends. It's good music, really and truly.
  • Speaking of bars: two of the best bars in New York have to be Sunny's and Bait & Tackle, both in Red Hook. The former is an old neighborhood presence, and is somewhat incongruously hosting Ibsen's Ghosts until the 21st. The latter is pretty new, and has a crackerjack aesthetic quality (dead animals).
  • Ah, Red Hook. Let's talk about the plenitude of studio space, your new steel & cocoa butter "project," and the ghosts of longshoremen. My ambivalent appreciation of such neighborhoods is nauseatingly cliched. I hate myself. Now pass the pretzels.
  • Benadryl + booze = Garden of Earthly Delights.
  • Epidemiology & medical research conferences feature the amusing "poster session," in which researchers stand awkwardly next to poorly designed, laminated summaries of their latest projects, and wait for passers-by to feign interest in their text boxes & diagrams. It's exactly like an elementary school science fair, but with more networking & fewer social skills. I gotta go to one out west in a coupla weeks, and I'm considering ditching my poster for a papier-mâchè volcano, or perhaps for a baby tooth soaked in Coke.