Monday, January 30, 2006

Brief nuggets

Not that I want this to become Metropolitan Diary. But. Some details you might find diverting.

This weekend I was hanging out with friend AS when we fell into conversation with 3 people. One was an amiable dunce who introduced himself as an "actor-slash-rapper-slash-revolutionary" whose primary vocation it was to "deconstruct gender relations." He refused to freestyle upon request. He is currently making a living touring high schools in an anti-drug public service musical.

The other two were a couple. The actress passed out her business card, which featured her head shot in an expression of unrestrained and possibly alarming delight. The painter later offered to paint my portrait. His chief "influence" is Herge, the creator of Tintin. I am trying to picture myself painted in the manner of Tintin, perhaps being chased by a tiger through Paris. I cannot.

Other details may emerge from this evening; details are hazy. I do recall that someone had participated in the production of a play or movie or something called, I'm pretty sure, "It's Not About The Shawarma." At a cafe, when we got up to leave, our table was taken by two prominent infectious disease epidemiologists from Johns Hopkins, where I may begin a PhD program next year, and where I may in fact work under them. I recognized them and had talked to them previously; this seemed very odd to me at the time. I apologized for being substance-impaired, which in retrospect may not have been so expertly played.

In any case. Last night The Special Lady and I saw the incredibly fantastic Outsider Art Fair, and I became enthralled by A.G. Rizzoli, about whom you will read more in this space, because my short-term plan is to obsessively learn about this fellow.