Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Daily nuggets

  • I dislike all things Astro with the notable exception of Charlie Kerfeld. I was thus happy to read about Pujols' dramatic home run last night, just after I and everyone else in the nation had stopped watching the game.
  • TPM points to a Daily News article that adds to the speculation naming Dick Cheney as the target of Fitzgerald's probe. Which makes me giggle a little bit, because here we have the juxtaposition of several funny words. But the real kicker is the suggestion of a "senior cooperating witness."
  • And so we scandal-gawkers edge forward in our seats a little more. We're nearly pissing ourselves in anticipation. Who will be charged? Who was the snitch? Some no-name? Or someone we've heard of (Powell/Matalin/Card)? Was it Divine Brown? A superintelligent dolphin? The point is, are we getting that motherfucking pony, or is it just a pony-shaped lump of crap under that wrapping paper? These are the days, my friends.
  • There's a dog missing a hind leg in my neighborhood. Its owner, who spends most of his time hanging out on the sidewalk, has outfitted it with a jerry-rigged set of wheels attached to its rear end. This canine cyborg is enthusiastic, but visibly taxed, as it scoots up & down the street. It's the coolest damned dog in the universe.