Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A nugget a day

  • An it's-funny-because-it's-true bit on Sarah Silverman by TMFTML.
  • In this article on David Berman, the Silver Jew notes that "Joe Montana threw soft because he couldn't throw hard," an acceptance of limitation that allowed him to play to his strengths. My philosophy is different: I curl up into a ball and weep because I can't throw hard. This would make me a somewhat ineffective NFL quarterback, but still pretty riveting, I think.
  • Josh Marshall has listed evidence from a bunch of sources, including a recent article in the Daily News, that Bush probably flat-out lied to Fitzgerald, and that Fitzgerald knows it. Yes, yes, this may not matter..... but now it looks like that pony under the wrapping paper is gold-plated, with laser beams for eyes. And a monkey somehow involved. That's what every child wants, right?
  • I promise I won't keep posting on this scandal. I promise. I... I... Watergate!
  • All right, enough. I know; it'll never happen. So, in the meantime, before the indictments, let's just enjoy this photograph of the Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen of public health and biostatistics: Mantel and Haenszel themselves. Sure, now that they're dead and their names are attached to equations and statistical techniques, one may be tempted to imagine them as Greek gods, striding around oiled and shirtless. And-- who knows-- away from conferences, they may well have done so. But in suits & name tags, they became merely frail mortals with (doubtlessly) the attendant personality defects common to all biostatisticians. God love 'em.