Thursday, October 06, 2005

Quien es mas Macha?

So Ken Macha is out, and Billy Beane no doubt will be promoting the Oakland Athletic equivalent of Harriet Miers (that's a topical reference, kids) to the bench. You have to wonder if the whole "negotiation" was mutually agreed upon beforehand as a face-saving measure. Macha's counteroffer was ludicrous; he had to know it would be rejected. When Bush offered the nomination to Miers, she had the good sense not to ask for more: "Ok, but I'm gonna need a throne, a ruby-encrusted robe, a scepter, and a houseboy. And no more aerobics in the Supreme Basketball Court; I'm filling the entire place with tapioca pudding." No, she knows she's a hack & a puppet, and remained silently grateful. With all the criticism from the right, actually, this is an opportunity for Bush to ditch Miers and to nominate a proven winner with a distinguished record: Ken Macha.