Monday, July 25, 2005


I've wondered intermittently how 46-year-old Rickey Henderson's stint with the San Diego Surf Dawgs has been going. (Incidentally, I'm also shocked that the name of the team isn't SurfDawgs. Maybe the name concatenation trend has mercifully crested.) Turns out our man Rickey has been getting regular playing time, but is hitting only .253 with 3 home runs. But look: the Dude has a .464 on-base percentage, and is 14 of 16 in stolen base attempts. I know he's playing against guys whose baseball ambitions don't extend much farther than wowing the fellas from accounting in slow-pitch softball someday, but fuck. Rickey can still play.

I'll spare you My Memories of Rickey; suffice it to say that his continuing career is disorienting. He was playing during the Carter administration. The Stones were arguably making relevant records when he stole his first base. I've gotta see Rickey again before he retires, but I figure I have a decade or so. He's still be drawing walks when his teammates Johnny Day (2B), Seth Pietsch (OF), and Adam Mandel (OF)-- all of whom were born while he was playing for the A's-- are doughy slobs spending most of their time masturbating to Jessica Simpson clips on TiVo.