Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Amuse bouche

Today, assorted nuggets.

  • Chicken: as I find my stride with this here blog, I must strenuously endeavor to avoid gettin' all Wes Anderson & fetishizing the curios, obsessions, and wall-hangings of my youth. Hence no Crazy George post here, despite the strong pull.
  • Beef: is there anyone more worthy of a punch in the throat than Ari Fleischer? Sure, sure, there are more culpable foax. But come on. Look at the guy.
  • Pork: a friend was kind enough to send me some free crap from a conference he was attending. Unlike most conference crap, however, this is pretty good: it's the Genographic Project kit, allowing me to swab some cells from my cheek & thus determine, through genetic markers, where on the giant family tree I hang & where some of my ancestors wandered. I cannot wait to confirm my long-held suspicion that I am the Sun God.
  • Parrot & Perch: Let's all listen to Pavement's "Harness Your Hopes" today.
  • Stoat: Hot enough for ya?
  • Limpet (late update): Hats off to Mr. Johnson (of the spicy & dangerous Fitted Sweats) for the first-- and doubtless last-- namecheck of this blog's short life. This may be the outside world's only route in. Scritchy scratchy.