Thursday, July 28, 2005

Nuggets with creme fraiche

  • Jumpin' Jesus; lotta traffic from Fitted Sweats. Hope I can somehow capitalize... lure 'em in before they lose interest & disappear entirely. Gotta target the appropriate demographic. Give 'em what they want. Lessee.... can't mock Coldplay any better.... don't know any Silver Jews personally.... ok. An NFL pick.
  • Ricky Williams (+3) over Social Anxiety Disorder. This is a tough call, but I'll go with Ricky in a grind 'em out, low-scoring snoozer. Dolphins fans may disagree, but how can you not have sympathy for the man? He endured hippies studying Ayurvedic medicine for weeks. And he seems like a good, if emotionally fragile, guy. Moreover, he adds much-needed intrigue to the football season. The season has 16 games, 16 overstuffed Sundays followed by 16 empty weeks of desperate groping for a narrative of some kind. Will Mike Nolan wear an authentic 18th century Prussian nobleman's outfit during Niner games, or will Reebok force him to place a logo over his codpiece?
  • I had brunch the other morning in a place that couldn't serve the Bloody Mary I ordered because they were "out of beef jerky." Yes. That kind of place.
  • My friend living in El Salvador has heroically managed to avoid the trap common to many white gals spending time in Central America: becoming suddenly, annoyingly obsessed with salsa dancing. Being a city girl, she offered this observation in a recent email: "It turns out horses really are hung like horses."