Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sinewy nuggets

  • Collected Insults, Vol. IV: "Just go on home, Roy. Go home and eat your deer. Start at the end with the asshole and just keep going." --Richard Russo, Nobody's Fool.
  • Some guy has mapped out all murders & shootings in Baltimore & DC. Clicking on each tag reveals the name, age, and location of the victim (and perpetrator, if available), along with the cause of death. He's also mapped out the location of Baltimore police surveillance cameras (most accompanied by a freaky blue strobe and the command "BELIEVE").
  • You should check out this blog. He's a friend in exile.
  • We're only two weeks away from the long, dark period with neither football nor baseball. Here's a tremendously unsatisfactory solution: get really into NFL Europe. Some of my maternal ancestors were potato farmers near Hamburg in the 1600s, so this will be my team. The, uh, Hamburg Serfs. The Hamburg Spud Toilers. The Hamburg Sea Devils? Really; the Sea Devils? I hate February & March.