Sunday, August 14, 2005


I'm not really cut out for travel blogging. It's too much of a pain in the ass; besides, who could possibly be interested in my moose sightings? Even for a blog, that's pretty high on the navel-gazing scale.

Hey, I saw a coupla moose. And some bighorn sheep.

My mixed feelings toward the kind of patronizing Red State travelogues often practiced by pubs like the NYT won't prevent me from engaging in some of my own. Take, for example, the entire cardboard display in a Utah gas station offering tchotchkes associated with Larry the Cable Guy's favorite catchphrase. Or the camouflaged plastic bucket with padded seat that swivels silently so you don't scare off the elk. And what's with the brightly colored plastic clogs worn by all kids here? Or are they worn everywhere? Since I tend to avoid consorting with those loathsome, filthy disease vectors euphemistically dubbed "children," I may be out of the loop on this one. It is fun watching them do some mutton busting, however.

Anyway. I love the Southwest & try to come here every year.